Dear Nurses

Friday, June 01, 2007


This story begins above(Have you done Home Care Nursing ). It was the experience of a Home care nurse. Let us call her J. J was young, energetic and a very honest person. She really tried to do her best to make her patients happy. She was assigned to a Home care case of a woman in her 60s. This patient whom we will call Mrs.P had just returned from the hospital and had been previously treated with chemo, for lung cancer.
Mrs.P was assigned home care nurses around the clock. On this Saturday morning , J started her shift in Mrs.P's home. Shortly after her shift began, Mrs. P lit up a cigarette and began to smoke. THERE WAS OXYGEN RUNNING IN THE ROOM. J immediately asked her to stop and expressed the danger of smoking with oxygen. Suddenly , Mrs.P's husband walked in and stated he smelt smoke. Mrs. P said it was the nurse who was smoking.

J later shared with Mrs.P 's husband the real truth. She never informed her agency of the situation. On Monday, J received a call from her agency , stating she had mistreated Mrs.P and was not allowed back. She told her side of the story , but a little too late.
The Clinical Setting is packed with clinical issues. Enjoy reading and learning.


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