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Saturday, May 17, 2008


Hi guys,

Nurses work with the sick and at some time or other, face a death or near death situation. Have you ever been exposed to a situation where a patient expresses fear and hostility before dying or is happy at the last moment? Have you had a patient tell you about the bright lights or the dark tunnel? Please share your experience with us.
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  • My father had a near death experience in the 1990s. He told me he met an angel and told him who he was.

    The angel said, "who?", so Dad told him his name again.

    "Oh, no. You don't belong here." said the angel.

    Dad said he kept insisting that he did belong there and the angel just yelled "Nooo!"

    Later, he awoke to find my brother and I in the room with him. He told us then that he thought he died (and we came because that's what the ICU folks told us they thought he'd do).

    That experience changed his life. He was never afraid of death again, and the way he lived showed it. He was not wealthy, but he made a point to donate to worthy causes, even on a limited income, every year at Christmastime.

    He told me just before he died eight years later that he felt as if he might. I was sad and told him I hoped it wasn't true, but he was right. He died within a month of telling me that he didn't think he'd live until the end of the year.

    My uncle died last year and kept telling me just before he died that he heard voices, muffled as if someone was in the other room next to him at the hospital. There wasn't anyone in the ICU bay next to his on either side, nor was he by a staff room or anything. I truly believe he heard someone talking to him, so I told him to listen to whatever they had to say.
    Since we knew he was terminal, I also told him, if you have to go, go with them. We'll be okay. He died the next day. The strange thing though, was both my husband and son woke up in the middle of the night when they felt something the day he died. My son screamed, "Mommy, there's a ghost in my room." I said, go to bed honey, it's not a ghost" and he went back to sleep. My husband swears it was him making one last stop, since my son was like the grandson he never had.

    I truly believe that most near death experiences are really true. Read the book, Final Gifts, if you want more interesting stories like that. It is incredible.

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