Dear Nurses

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Dear nurses,

Above is a list of Dearnurses Products.
So, visit our websites listed above and
 enjoy learning!
The Dearnurses series has been in operation
since 2006.

It includes:  (over 700
posts with Clinical Scenarios in a Visual format.
Topics include: Diabetes, Maternal Nursing,        
 Anemias, EKGs, Stroke, Chest Pain etc.)  (Topics include: Case
Studies, EKG Series, Assessment  from Head to
Toe, Stroke Assessment, Care Planning and
Patient Education, Chest Pain Series, Pain
Management and Assessment etc)  ( Online Books: The Clinical
Setting Step By Step,  Math Solutions for Nurses
in the Clinical Setting, Pharmacology for Nurses,
Maternal Nursing, Your Critical Thinking and
more)    - The New Nurse
Sessions for Nurses and The New Nurse on Youtube ( Clinical Videos)
We offer ongoing clinical scenarios and the goal
is to enhance learning

for new and experienced nurses.

So take the time to browse through our websites
and enjoy learning


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