Dear Nurses

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Dear nurses,

This has been a very sad week for many who had to be evacuated and lost their homes due to fires in Southern California, USA. My prayers go out to all who were involved in one way or another.
Have you ever been in an emergency situation? Have you ever been unable to get home and take care of your daily responsibilities? Whether the answer is yes or no, here are some helpful pointers:-
- try to keep an extra change of clothes and toiletries in your car, for emergency use.
- have a contact number to reach someone who can pick up your kids etc. if you are unable to do so.
- keep some non-perishable foods in your car , so you can have something to eat in an emergency.
- if there is a co-worker who has had a tragic lost, try to share your love and maybe pick up a collection to help out. Have a great week!
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