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Friday, July 13, 2007


Failure of the kidneys to do their normal function is very distressing to the patient. Patients may become confused because of the retained waste products. Pruritis ( itching) is also common.
Urinary output in renal may be absent ( anuria) or low(oliguria).
Hypovolemia - excessive volume depletion from vomiting , diarrhea , blood loss or diuretics result in decreased blood flow to the kidneys and are reversible by correction of the problem.
Drug induced renal failure may or may not be reversible. Antibiotics, contrast material used in
radiographic studies, anti- inflammatory drugs may all be causes of renal failure. Monitoring of lab values for certain drugs like Gentamicin will be an indicator of when levels are becoming toxic. Dopamine infusion which is used to increase blood pressure, may result in decreased urinary output when used in high doses.Certain vitamin supplements may cause kidney stones.
Trauma whether blunt or penetrating , surgical procedures may damage the kidneys.
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