Dear Nurses

Sunday, September 15, 2019


Dear nurses,

Hope you had a good weekend. I just wanted to bring up a topic which has been of special interest to me.
A Caregiver in my estimation is anyone who administers care. This care may be done in a hospital , the home or elsewhere. Although this is often underestimated, it is a very special job. It is to me" a pot of gold " caring for the sick and being sensitive to their dependency on someone who cares to help to make it better.

A caregiver in my estimation should always be concerned about how to improve the situation for the sick.
It is unfortunate it is sometimes seen as  job to make a quick dollar and no sensitivity for how it feels to be in the patient and family's position. So as people in the health field let us make the best of it and try to put our best foot forward. Have a good week.